Frequently asked questions

Do I have to choose my 10,30 or 50 images before I purchase?
No, after you have purchased download credits you have all the time in the world (at least two years) to select.

I want to buy images from Scandinavian Stockphoto but I do not want to use my credit card
We offer several different payment methods for companies in addition to credit card payment depending on what kind of customer you are and what country you come from. Contact us and we will send you full details.

Must I download the images immediately?
No, your download credits expire after two years.

Something happened when I tried to download, and I have been deducted one credit but I don't have the image. What should I do?
You can download the same image again within 48 hours after your first attempt, without any further deduction of credits. If you have been deducted twice you must contact customer support.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
Click on the forgot your password link and enter your email. If you have changed your email or don't remember your username, please contact contact support.

I bought some credits in 2005 and download only a few images, the rest of my credits have disappeared, what happened?
Downloads credits expires after two years. Most of our customers have no problem using their credits within that time limit, but back in 2005 the number of images in our library was not sufficient for some of our customers. We have a liberal policy for restoring credits, just contact support and we will help you.

What is editorial use?
Some of the images available at ScanStockPhoto contain recognisable faces/humans and/or trademarks/landmarks /logos/art/etc and are available for sale, without the image being property and/or model released. In such cases it will be a note adjacent to the image stating: Editorial use only

Images for editorial use can only be used by legitimate mass media, presumed to be unbiased, which reaches a large, anonymous audience.
"Anonymous" is defined as available to anyone in the coverage area.
"Large" is vague, but a circulation of 2,000 is often cited as a minimum. The medium may carry advertising.

Customarily Acceptable Editorial Uses include the following:
- Newspaper Articles and Feature Stories which are associated with the images use.
- Magazine Articles and Feature Stories which are associated with the images use.
- Internet (Web) Articles and Feature Stories which are associated with the images use.
- Books on topic.

If you are in doubt of your use is editorial or you feel your usage is in a grey area, please contact and ask for an advice.

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