Upload policy

By default all new users are restricted from uploading images.

In order to maintain a decent sale for our existing photographers we have become very restrictive and will only accept very good portfolios.

Last updated 27. November 2015

As of 2015 we have raised the bar for the images we will let in to our library. We will only accept experienced stock photographers with large collections.

If you think this is you, than send us a link to your portfolio. There is no need to register, just send us an e-mail with working links. Do not send us images by e-mail. Use the e-mail address on this page: contact

This policy is effective from September 2015 and the reason for being picky is our effort to maintain a decent sale for our existing photographers.

If you already have a commercial portfolio with emmebeded title, description and keywords we can promise you a very fast upload process. We will also offer you a very effective way of uploading images that reqeuire a model relases.

Do not send us images by e-mail

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